I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream. . . Recycling!

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Karen Blevins
Eighth grade GATES students are excited to use this new recycling bin.
The "scoop" at our school is that recycling is easy; just like eating ice cream!
Three NoMOre Trash Logos are displayed on the cone wrapper.
School District: 
School of the Osage
Osage Middle School
Middle School
635 HWY 42
65065 Osage Beach , MO

Here is the “scoop” on our trash can entry.  Our school’s Builders Club has regular recycling pick up each Thursday. Teachers and staff are responsible for collecting their own recyclable paper first before the student pick up. Our recycling bin was created to encourage all teachers and staff to do their part to keep our school trash free.  The inviting ice cream cone design makes someone want to eat ice cream. Why not make someone want to recycle? Our three scoop cone was created with recycled newspaper, inner tubes, a beach ball, napkins, loofa material, and numerous candy wrappers. That is just the “ice-ing” on the cake.  On the cone wrapper is our theme “I Scream, You Scream, We all scream. . . Recycling!” Also, on the wrapper are three NoMOre Trash Logos. Lastly, the wrapper displays a class photo of the students celebrating (while enjoying ice cream cones) the completion of the bin. This project was done after school on the students’ own time. It was a true lesson in teamwork, a great way to incorporate our school’s newly implementation of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and a fun way to wrap up the students’ last year in a GATES class. To use the bin, teachers, students, and Builders Club members can easily lift the scoops up using our handles on both sides of the bottom scoop.   This bin is ready for the next recycle collection day!

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