Pick it up. Drop it in. That's how Mother Nature Wins

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Nancy Noland
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Mother Nature Wins
Mother Nature Wins
School District: 
Osage County R-2 School District
Linn Elementary School
Linn Elementary School
141 Wildcat Drive
65051 Linn , MO

Students imagined how Mother Nature would look as a spokesperson for the NoMOreTrash campaign. They wanted to creat a three dimensional  depiction of Mother Nature. The students incorporated different materials and colors in their project. The blue gown represented water and sky, the green silk leaves the trees and grass and multiiple colors represented wildflowers. Mother Nature sends her messages in the placards she holds. However the sadness she feels when she sees Missouri citizens littering is represented by the green bead "tears" on her cheek.

Materials:  trash can, paint, recycled cardboard, raffia grass, recycled tissue paper, recycled beads, recycled silk leaves.

Grade Range: 
Third Grade Reading Group
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