Couch Elementary says "I see no MOre trash!"

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Julie Fisher
Teacher email: 
School District: 
Couch R-1 School District
Couch R-1
Hwy. 142
RR 91 Box 1187
65778 Myrtle , MO

Our project was called "Couch Elementary Sees No More Trash! " The students decided to spray paint their trash can many colors and then grafitti "eyes" all over over it, for the "I see" part of our slogan.  Then they all made posters with the Missouri theme, and telling about the fine for littering in Missouri. Our tissue paper was recycled for our bulletin board, and our trash can is refurbished with its lovely paint job!

Grade Range: 
3rd, 4th, 5th grades
Number of Participants: