Catfish say "Throw trash away!"

Teacher Name: 
Liana Bennett
School District: 
Lakeland R-III
Lakeland R-III
12530 Lakeland School Drive
64740 Deepwater , MO

The students decided on a catfish theme since the channel catfish is our Missouri state fish.  There is one large catfish on the front with its mouth open.  The students painted the catfish, outlined it with markers, and then glued on a paper tail and fins.  The catfish has whiskers coming off the lid of the trash can as well.  On the lid, there is a hook dangling by the catfish's mouth.  There is a fishing pole made from a tree limb with line attached.  The rest of the can features smaller catfish swimming around tree branches in the lake.  Our school is situated next to Truman Lake and our school name has lake in it, so the students thought that this scene would be an excellent trash can to have in our building.


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