What Does the Fox Say? This Fox Says, "Ring a Ding Ding, Recycling!"

Teacher Name: 
Amber Hughes
School District: 
Southwest Livingston County R1
Southwest Livingston County R1
4944 Highway Dd
64656 Ludlow , MO

The seventh graders focused their entry on an animal that can be found in their area as well as one with declining populations. The trash can is a red fox made with tissue paper, newsprint, cardboard, soda bottles, and an old yard stick.  The front of the fox has a speech bubble that says "This fox says Ring-a-ding ding, recycling!" The No More Trash logo is found on the front of the body. The head, feet, and tail are constructed from old newsprint donated by the local newspaper office. The entire body is covered in tissue paper layers that were fringed. The eyes are made from the bottoms of soda bottles donated by our history teacher. The portal for recyclables is found in the front of the can through the mouth. Due to the unique texturing of the "fur" and the popular slogan theme, it is an eye catching trash can that generates a lot of talk throughout our K-12 building! 

Grade Range: 
Seventh Grade Art
Number of Participants: