Trash Wars

Teacher Name: 
Lisa Chezem
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School District: 
West Plains R7
West Plains Middle School
West Plains Middle School
730 E. Olden St.
65775 West Plains , MO

West Plains Middle School 7th Grade RTI students wanted to use something that was currently popular to teach the school and community about keeping Missouri free from litter.  They chose a Star Wars theme and R2D2 to be the spokesperson.  The students transformed a 30 gallon metal trashcan into R2D2's body by using paint, and created his head by using paper mache with recycled newspaper, recycled cardboard, glue and paint. R2D2's legs are made of scrap lumber and his feet are painted plastic tubs.  The students came up with the slogan "Trash Wars" and "May the trash be with you" to emphasize the importance of reducing litter while staying with the Star Wars theme.  The trashcan will be displayed in the lobby of the Middle School to encourage parents and students as they come in the front door each day.

Grade Range: 
7th Grade Science RTI
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