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Sam the Spider says NO MORE LITTERBUGS!!! (detail)
NO MORE LITTERBUGS!!! No More Trash Can entry with student
NO MORE LITTERBUGS!!! (detail showing fish caught in six pack holder)
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Cooper County
Kingdom Kids Academy
10321 Bellair Rd
65276 Pilot Grove , MO

The NO MORE LITTERBUGS trash can was conceived and created by Hayley Frevert during her weekly 3hr art class at the Bellair Outback Studio as part of her Home School curriculum. It will be on permanent display in the new River Rails and Trails Museum in Boonville, MO. as part of the BIG FISH, BIG TALES, and the BIG MUDDY, Community Art Project for Boonville, MO.  This project was awarded a mini grant by the Missouri River Relief for artist, Holly Hughes to partner with the YMCA,  the City of Boonville Tourism Office, CCBC, (Concerned Citizens for a Better Community) and the Turner Hall River Rats for the Arts to work on a multi-layered project involving Missouri River education, stream cleanups and public art. The Project started last summer and will finish this spring. The completed piece will be a 15' x 6.5' interactive mural illustrating the whole MO river, channelization, our town's connection to the river, how storm drains work, how wetlands work, and what we can do to help keep the river clean. See last summer's blog here:

Hayley"s comments about the project:

"It was a fun project. I learned how important it is not to pollute the water and I learnd about how a plastic 6 pack holder shaped Peanut the Turtle's shell. The materials used in the trash can include: foil water flavor package, chitage package, beads, metal and plsstic bottle caps, plastic water bottle label, plastic spoon, gatorade lids, pipe cleaners, straws, styrofoam cup and meat holder, buttons, bread tie, sequence, 6-pack holder, wine cork, bubble wand, metal gun shell, can lid, plastic toy ring, and we used old acrylic house paint for the background. 

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Bellair Outback Thursday Art Class
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