Raiders say, No More Trash!

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Tracy Thomas
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Students with Raider Trash Can
North County Intermediate Raider Trash Can
No MO Trash Poster  North County Intermediate
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North County R-1 Schools
North County Intermediate
North County Intermediate
801 Elm Street
63601 Desloge , MO

We designed and built a trash can to look like the mascot of our school, a raider.  We bought the trash can with the money we earned from participating in the Ameren Energy Efficiency program. We did this in our Performance Based Learning (PBL) class.  We used cardboard boxes and colored paper to make the head and arms. We used paper to make the skirt. We cut out the mouth of the raider and the bottom of the head and fit it on top of the trash can so students could feed trasch to the raider. Our slogan is "Don't be an Earth hater, feed our North County Raider." The most challenging part of this project was trying to figure out how to make the arms and get them to stay on the trash can. We really enjoyed doing this project.  

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Performance Based Learning
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