Keep The Galaxy Clean

Teacher Name: 
Annette Lowrey
2018 ND NOMOTRASH contest
2018 ND Group working on NOMOTRASH project
2018 ND Group working on NOMOTRASH project
School District: 
North Daviess R-III School District
North Daviess R-III School
North Daviess R-III School
413 E. 2nd Street
64647 Jameson , MO

The 7 students brain-stormed ideas first.  They decided on a Star Wars Theme and to use R-2 D-2 as the design.  They recycled the trash can used for last year's contest which needed to be sanded and repainted, which the students did.  They then divided their group into the designers, painters and decorators.  The designers planned how to make the dome for the top of R-2 D-2.  They drew out the design and cut out parts from the cardboard boxes brought in by the students.  The students used glue and water to make a paste for the paper mache to make the head.  They secured the strips with cardboard and string for support.  The also used cardboard to fashion the legs.  Students used old newspapers to make the paper mache strips.  They decided that white paint would probably not cover the cardboard well so opted to cut out white poster paper to hot glue and staple to the legs.  

The students took turns at different tasks, shared and helped one another to complete the task so the trash can could be displayed in the gymnasium during the Alumni Basketball game and the Elementary basketball tournament.  They also fit a trash bag inside using tape so the front cut out part is used to deposit trash without moving the head part of R-2 D-2.  The students learned about structure, support, using new machine (Ellis Machine to cut out letters), and making a creation they were all very proud of.  I liked how they fashioned a port at the top of the head for the NO MO TRASH sign!  These 7th graders learned a great deal about cooperation, planning and using available resources.

Grade Range: 
7th Grade Geography Class
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