Hornets Recycle More

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Voss
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School District: 
St. Elizabeth R-IV
St. Elizabeth R-IV
St. Elizabeth School
240 Church Street
65075 St. Elizabeth , MO

With a very sports driven class, they chose to create a basketball-hoop inspired trash can to place where our high school students sit for basketball games.   Students first braided white yarn to create the net.  They then used a soldering iron to melt away the center of the lid and spray painted the remainder for the orange rim.  Once they had their hoop complete, they found an old poster frame to turn into the backboard.  While some worked on finishing the painting/gluing of the materials, others worked on paper-macheing hornets to glue to the sides.  The "court" on the bottom was painted with gold leftover house paint.

Grade Range: 
7th Grade Art
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