Dog Gone It... Recycle!

Teacher Name: 
Felecia Creed
Students creating paper mache dalmation
Finished Project
Students presenting their project to the Willard Fire Department
School District: 
Willard Public Schools
Willard North Elementary
Willard North Elementary
409 S. Farmer Rd
65781 Willard , MO

Students learned about being productive citizens within the community. We learned about important people that help keep our community safe. This project allowed us to extend that unit by creating the recycling can from repurposed materials to be used and displayed at our main location for the Willard Fire Department. Going with the theme of a fire station, students created a recycling can that resemebled a fire hydrant and dalmation.  Students, with assistance,  used a combination of newpaper, chicken wire, cardboard, and masking tape to create the form of the mascot dog. They then used materials to paper mache the dog and the accessories to create the "fire hydrant".  Students then painted to bring the dog to life. We were visited by the Willard Fire Department Chief and a staff member to receive their recycling container and to thank the 2nd graders for their hard work!

Grade Range: 
Second Grade (entire grade level)
Number of Participants: