FrappucciNO More Trash

Teacher Name: 
Amy McKenzie
McKenzie's Class No More Trash
McKenzie's Class  No More Trash 2
School District: 
Thayer RII
Thayer Elementary
Thayer Elementary
365 E Walnut Street
65791 Thayer , MO

My homeroom wanted to use a straw to give the trash can a chute to throw in the trash.  Students thought if it was kind of fun, more students might pitch in trash.  Students used a 30 gallon trash can, recycled card board for the top, along with white paper for the entire trash can, cotton balls and recycled paper pieces for sprinkles. Sudents really had a lot of fun with this project and can't wait to see how much trash they are able to collect! 

Grade Range: 
McKenzie's Class
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