Angry Bird Says Don't Litter

Teacher Name: 
Amy McKenzie
Young's Class No More Trash
Young's Class  No More Trash 2
School District: 
Thayer RII
Thayer Elementary
Thayer Elementary
365 E Walnut Street
65791 Thayer , MO

 Students used Angry Bird to get their message across that it is not good to litter because it can kill a critter! Students used a 30 gallon trash can with a wooden stick to hold open the lid so it would be easier for all students to get their trash in.  They used recycle cardboard to build the bird along with red, white,black and orange paper, cotton balls, and recycled black yarn to decorate the bird. Students also made one of the legs of the bird shorter so the bird is standing on the trash that is making the bird angry.  Their slogan is  "It makes me ANGRY when you litter cause you could kill a CRITTER!!!"

Grade Range: 
Young's Class
Number of Participants: