Recycle You Shall

Teacher Name: 
Casandra Goyer
School District: 
Cooper County R-IV
Bunceton High School
Bunceton Missouri
500 East Main Street
65237 Bunceton , MO

The Bunceton 6th Grade Science Class chose to create a Star Wars themed project that consists of Yoda and R2D2.  They used a 33 gallon trash can and put it upside-down on an asteroid of cardboard.  In order to get the can the correct color and shape, students used end roll paper and cardboard to make the can take the shape of R2D2.  One student created Yoda in the paint program on the computer and then they traced him onto a larger sheet of paper and attached him to a cardboard backing.  They used water bottles and paper towel rolls to create light sabers to hold the "No More Trash" sign.   They created a tie fighter and a destroyer made completely out of cardboard scrap pieces and hot glue.   They finished it off with Yoda's quote of "Rude You Are, Litter You Must Not..."

Grade Range: 
6th Grade Science
Number of Participants: