Oscar will be your fan, if you keep it in the can!!

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Miss Morgan and Ms. Farabee
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Cowgill R6
Cowgill Elementary
Cowgill Elementary
341 E 6th St
64637 Cowgill , MO

We completed our trash can design with the help of our combined preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade class. The students really enjoyed coming up with a theme. When they mentioned that Oscar the Grouch loves trash, we thought it was a great idea to incorporate that as the main theme in our trash can design. The students found information about Oscar, including his friend Slimy the Worm, and how Oscar has a sign on his trash can. We incorporated those aspects into the final design. We used scrap, recycled tissue paper and glued it to the scrap cardboard to form Oscar, Slimy, and the base. We found extra bulletin board materials in the school storage room and used those to help decorate with the flowers. To stand our sign and flowers up, we used rulers, popsicle sticks, and scrap wood pieces that we received from our school maintenance man. We covered the trash can with aluminum foil that the students folded to look like a metal trash can. The students really enjoyed learning about using recycled materials and how we can help our Earth by using these recycled materials when we are making projects. This helps reduce the amount of trash that is on our Earth.

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