Trashman Trashcan - Pitch In for a High Score!

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Tracey Robinson
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Trashman Trashcan
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Remington Traditional Elem. School
Remington Traditional School
102 Fee Fee Road
63043 Maryland Heights , MO

PEGS North designed a Trashman Trash Can after the the Pacman arcade game from the 1980s!  Students brainstormed ideas, researched online and created this project during our STEM time.   The Trashman Trash Can has lights for the Pacman-inspired screen. In addition, as people throw trash away, the trashcan sings the "Celebration" song by 'Kool and the Gang'. We found the song sensor in a greeting card.  The board for the game is a used display board, trash on the sides is from snacks the students had, the knobs on the lide are from caps we have been collecting for another project, a PACMAN stencil was drawn from placing two protractors together, duct tape used was from our own supply and the students found PACMAN pictures on the Internet. We also found a PACMAN font maker online to make the name "Trashman". 

If you can, visit this link for a viewing of PEGS presentation of the trashcan to a staff member:

(We also presented to our principal, Dr. Don Furjes but I am having trouble uploading that movie right now. It has all of our students presenting. The one above is missing several students.)


Our next step will be to write 'Public Service Announcements' about our trashcan for the school announcements. In addition, our principal wants us to present this to other classrooms.


Thank you for offering this competition. My class LOVED it!

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PEGS North grades 1-5
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