Make Trash Goal Away

Teacher Name: 
Diane Hill and Becky Hermann
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teachers and students with trashcan
side view
side view
School District: 
Potosi R3 School District
Potosi Elementary School
Potosi Elementary School
205 State Highway P
63664 Potosi , MO

The art students and teachers worked as a team throughout the process from ideation and planning to completion. Everyone drew sketches, brainstormed slogans and then decided to combine multiple designs into one to carry forward. The trash can is football themed and decorated in the purple and gold of our school's colors. It is marked with the slogan "Make Trash Goal Away" with the goal post positioned so than anyone throwing trash away can toss it through the opening. The students had a lot of fun using new materials like spray paint and being involved in the process and making decisions!

Grade Range: 
After-school Art Students
Number of Participants: