Bryan Hill Speaks for the Trees!

Teacher Name: 
Britt Tate
Bryan Hill Truffula Trash Can
Bryan Hill Truffula Trash Can
Bryan Hill Truffula Tree Pencil Project for Read Across America/No MO Trash
Bryan Hill Truffula Tree Can
School District: 
St Louis Public Schools
Bryan Hill Elementary
Bryan Hill Elementary School
2128 E Gano Ave
63107 Saint Louis , MO

Bryan Hill Elementary is located in the College Hill neighborhood of North City St Louis. We have a severe littering problem in the entire surrounding area. In celebration of Dr Suess's birthday and Read Across America Day, the Kindergarten, First and Second grades read The Lorax and discussed ways to protect our environment. Each student created their own truffula tree pencil to remind themselves to step up and help protect our neighborhood. We used a large yellow trash can and painted it to resemble a truffula tree stump. Then using pool noodles we created additional standing truffula trees. The trash can was then finished off with the No MO Trash logo and a quote from The Lorax, "unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better... it's not." Our trash can was anchored out in front of our school to provide a place for locals to toss their trash, and as a constant reminder for students as they come and go from the building. 

Grade Range: 
First and Second Grade ART Classes
Number of Participants: