Sea Less Trash in the Ocean

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Mrs. Jackson
Sea Less Trash in the Ocean No Mo Trash Front Crab Recyled Art
Sea Less Trash in the Ocean No Mo Trash ILS STEM Peter Aidan and Hailey
Sea Less Trash in the Ocean No Mo Trash Side Clown Fish JellyFish School of Fish Recycled Art
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Immanuel Lutheran St. Charles
Immanuel Lutheran St. Charles
Immanuel Lutheran St.Charles
115 S. 6th Street
63301 St. Charles , MO

Peter, Hailey, and Aidan came up with this idea on their own. Their idea was to see less trash in the ocean and what can we take out of our school classrooms, and lunch to reduce the amount of trash and the impact we have. They used almost all recyclable materials or trash they collected. They did 100% of this project on their own, the idea, the collecting of materials to decorate and assemble. They used STEM class time and volunteered to give up their own recesses and come in before school to work on their project. They would have done more if they had more time. I am VERY proud of them and the work they put into it. 

They made jellyfish out of damaged headphones and wires. A clownfish out of computer parts, seaweed out of wires, rocks out of foil from the cafeteria trash, a net from school cafeteria trash, the school of fish is made out of old Chromebook keys, the crab is made from assorted parts from inside an old computer. The message is made out of recycled paper and bubble wrap. 

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