Slam it in the Glam Can

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Jackson
Slam it in the Glam Can Front Disc Recycled Art ILS STEM Glitter
Slam it in the Glam Can Front ILS STEM Matt and Ethan Recycled Art Trash Disc
School District: 
Immanuel Lutheran St. Charles
Immanuel Lutheran St. Charles
St. Charles
115 S. 6th Street
63301 St. Charles , MO

Matt and Ethan wanted a bright and shiny can. They wanted to collect all the used glitter from pre-school but they came up a little short, their back up plan they used foil they collected from the cafeteria trash, as well as used glitter from the preschool, then used they discs they collected from around the school that had been discarded or no longer used. Their message is "Slam it in the Glam Can". They are trying to make disposing of trash glamorous and exciting. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and trash can be repurposed.  This project from idea, material collection and decoration was 100% the boys. 

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