Control Alt Delete Your Trash

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Jackson
Control Alt Delete Your Trash ILS STEM Front Recycled Art Trash Computer  Memory No MO Trash
Control Alt Delete Your Trash ILS STEM Side Art Trash Recycle No MO Trash
School District: 
Immanuel Lutheran St. Charles
Immanuel Lutheran St. Charles
St. Charles
115 S. 6th Street
63301 St. Charles , MO

 Tanner, Rocky, and Grant made this can. Their message is Control, Atl, Delete Your Trash". They are taking a common command for computers and using recycled computer parts made their message to others. They would like to see the trash situation under Control. They want people to consider ALT  or alternative means of disposing of things like Recycling instead of just throwing away, and DELETE  making sure that people are properly disposing of items that require it, like construction materials, batteries, and electronics. They used materials they collected from the school trash and the school cafeteria trash. They made the "your trash" part of the message out of used chips bags from the lunch room trash cans they collected, cleaned and used. I was, unfortunately, unable to get a picture of the group due to absences on two different attempts but I would be delighted to send one to you please don't hesitate to ask. These boys would be more than happy and are very proud of the work they put in. 

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