BEE Litter Free

Teacher Name: 
Crystal Trahan
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School District: 
Pleasant Hope R6
Pleasant Hope Elementary School
311 W. McCurry
65725 Pleasant Hope , MO

The students wanted to use a MO animal this year and decided on the state insect, the honeybee. Our theme is “BEE Litter Free.” We wrapped the can in yellow paper, drew black lines on it, and stuffed the area above the lid with recycled paper to make the hive. Students made the bees out of pipe cleaners. Students used stencils and recycled scrap paper to make the flowers and lettering. The lid comes off easily so the can CAN be used for trash. It will be displayed by the elementary’s front doors, along with signs explaining the reason we made it. They had a blast making it and are very proud of their creation.

Grade Range: 
Green Team 3/4 (after school club)
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