Do Local-Think Global & Catch a "Wave not a Whale"

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Mrs. Pam Brickler
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Archdiocese of St. Louis
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
20 St. Joseph Street
63628 Bonne Terre , MO

Thinking of a theme, we wanted to use can rings that get dumped and can entangle animals reptiles or mammals in the ocean, but thought we needed to stay more "Missouri" so we decorated the side with the state of Missouri, state bird, St. Louis Arch, turtle, snake, raccoon and the Missouri license plate with the phrase "Do Local - Think Global." Then we decided to turn our trash can around and use a whale with a soda ring around its tail. We added a wave and many can rings to represent waves hitting the water. A surfer on a board was added with the phrase "Catch a Wave Not a Whale." Pipe cleaners were used for the whales blow hole. This is being displayed in the middle of our cafeteria.

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