Don’t Litter, Save A Critter

Teacher Name: 
Barbara Walsh
School District: 
El Dorado Springs R-2
El Dorado Springs Elementary School
901 S. Grand
64744 El Dorado Springs , MO

We choose the theme "Don’t Litter, Save A Critter" because we all like animals. At first we wanted to make a deer, but we decided that would be too difficult. The ladybug was made from recycled newspapers wrapped around two broken hula hoop rings. The newspapers were then covered with recycled 3M paper which is donated to our school each year. We used toilet paper rolls painted with donated paint for the legs and antennas. The spots on the ladybug are from the bottoms of 2-liter soda bottles. The 30 gallon trash can which is behind our bug is a donated barrel from our local Dairi Concepts factory. The trash can will be on display in our school cafeteria.

Grade Range: 
K-2nd Grade Gifted Class
Number of Participants: