Don't Be Despicable, Make Earth Livable!

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Mrs. Voss
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St. Elizabeth R-IV
St. Elizabeth R-IV
St. Elizabeth School
240 Church Street
65075 St. Elizabeth , MO

Students chose to create a minion from the "Despicable Me" movies for the No MOre Trash contest based on the shape of the trash can. Once their decision was made, the brainstormed and decided to make a cleaning minion, "Jerry". Their slogan is "don't be despicable, make Earth livable". The minion is currently on display in our elementary building (the kids love it) and will be used to collect soda tabs. To create the minion, students began by spray painting the trash can bright yellow. Once finished, measurements were taken to create the dress from a trash bag and doilies. The students in charge of the goggles used heavy plastic for the lenses and a soldering iron to cut a hole in plastic lids to create the goggle's rims. The arms were paper mached and glued to the sides of the minion. Eyes and mouth were hand painted on using acrylics while the bucket too was painted with acrylics to have a place to display the no more trash logo. A feather duster was made from a paintbrush handle, styrofoam ball and feathers. An apron and bow tie were cut from fabric with our slogan painted on the apron with acrylic. Doilies were added once again to the apron to create a lace trimming. Last touches include lace bonnet from doilies and painted cardboard and hot glued pipe cleaners for hair. The students truly enjoyed this project and we hope to participate again next year! :)

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Jr. High
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