Don't Litter My Lunchbox!

Teacher Name: 
Marj Locker
School District: 
Southwest Livingston Co. R-1
Southwest Livingston County R-1
Southwest School
4944 Hwy DD
64656 Ludlow , MO

Ricky Recycle wants you to get your trash into the right receptacle and not litter up where he finds his food! Ricky is a finicky raccoon who urges everyone to recycle and keep the environment clean. He is made of paper mache, a couple softballs for the eyes, paint, pipe cleaners, wire and hours of effort.

On his back, just above his tail, it says, "Don't litter my lunchbox!" Beside him is a lunchbox with litter in it and he looks up to plead for trash to go into the trash can!

The 7th graders created this project in its entirety, coming up with the theme and artwork. I'm proud of them!

Grade Range: 
7th grade art
Number of Participants: