Elsa & Olaf's Crystal Clear Recycled Ice Castle!

Teacher Name: 
Christie Brunk & Nina Baumann
School District: 
Rockwood School District
Woerther Elementary School
Woerther Elementary School
314 New Ballwin Road
63021 Ballwin , MO

Our project is a Frozen themed trash can. Our slogan is "Some trash is worth melting for, don't let it go in to missouri trash dumps, be creative and recycle!" We used the quotes "let it go" and "some people are worth melting for" from the movie Frozen. We collected recyclable materials from every lunch shift and brought in recycled materials from home as well to create Elsa's castle from Disney's Frozen! We wanted to teach the children about the importance of knowing what is trash and what can be recycled, and most of the time just about everything we use at school can be recycled! The kids were very excited to see all of the fun things they could make with all of the materials we had collected! They are now able to think more creatively when looking at "trash" and see it as beautiful works of art and building materials! We hope to reduce our amount of trash by reusing and recycling as much as possible in the future! This was such a wonderful and inspirational project for all of us here at Woerther Elementary School! We can't wait for next year's competition!

Grade Range: 
Miss Baumann's fourth grade class
Number of Participants: