The Fence Fund

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Cynthia Bodecker-Myers
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The Mind Development Center
THe Mind Development Center
The Mind Development Center
2120 Bryan Valley Commercial
63366 O'Fallon , MO

During a week of learning about the community, we were looking up community jobs after reading a few books. When one of the students made a reference to trash men. We proceeded to use the internet and do some research. We came across the MO dept of transportation and found the, “No More Trash Contest.” This brought some interest into my students, so we explored the contest looked at the rules. Then, I challenged them that if they could as a class agree on a slogan/idea would could decorate the trash can in the lunch room, as long as it did not interfere with our class work. The buzz began. The following Monday, when students came into class one of the students was singing the theme song to Frozen. We had watched it as a class prior to Winter Break, but this past weekend it had snowed and this particular student did not appreciate the fact we were in session. So as most of the kids were showing up, it was asked if anyone had any ideas about the slogan for the trashcan contest. (Student still singing.) Another student excitedly yells, “Don’t Just Let it Go! Use a trashcan” Everyone agreed. We then went back to the internet and looked up what we needed to do. We outlined the board and began working. The students wanted to use Olaf as their character, then they decided that paper towel holders and toilet paper holders would be great arms and legs. Another student suggested that we use the paper in the recycling box to cover the trash can. The Mind Development Center is a small seven student school. The students range in age from 5 years to 14 years. We decided it best to enter the grades 6 to 8 since we have 4 students who are in that age range. Our other students are younger. 

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Resource Room
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