Get a Heart...Recycle! Tin Man

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Angela Littlejohn and Denise Estes
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Ozarks Christian Academy -West Plains, MO
Ozarks Christian Academy
Ozarks Christian Academy
7205 State Route ZZ
65775 West Plains , MO

The spring play at Ozarks Christian Academy in West Plains is "The Wizard of Oz." The students decided to keep with that theme and do a Tin Man trashcan. Since the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz is longing for a heart, they decided "Get a Heart...Recycle!" was a perfect logo for their Trash Can Tin Man. He has been place in the cafeteria and will encourage and remind students and faculty to recycle plastic drink bottles and soda cans that have been going into the regular trash until now. The Tin Man is made of recycled tin cans, a large water cooler bottle and a playground ball that was ready for retirement. The students had a lot of fun and creativity flowed as they figured out how to make the eyes, nose, mouth, bow tie, ax and even his oil can. The teachers helped with the spray paint and the actual hot glue gun as the students assembled their Tin Man. He is a cheery and very useful addition to OCA!

Grade Range: 
Ozarks Christian Academy Grammar School Students
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