Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place with No MOre Trash!

Teacher Name: 
Kass Stolzberg, Girl Scout Troop Organizer
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School District: 
Ross Elementary
Ross Elementary School
1150 Ross Ave
63146 Saint Louis , MO

As part of the Girl Scout Law, we promise to do our best to make the world a better place, use resources wisely and be a sister to every Girl Scout. We used our resources wisely by converting empty 50 gallon plastic drums donated by Speedy's Car Wash in to custom trash cans for the students at Ross Elementary.  A single theme, Make the World a Better Place with No MOre Trash!, was presented as a school wide Girl Scout opportunity and successfully united numerous Girl Scout Troops. 10 Girl Scouts from 3 different troops from third and fourth grade worked in cooperation on this 'Earth from Space' trash can, learning to be Girl Scout sisters while saying, "Yes, we CAN Make the World a Better Place with No MOre Trash!" This decorated trash can will be displayed on the school campus to raise awareness and will be placed in high traffic areas to reduce litter.  Thank you for the opportunity!

Grade Range: 
Girl Scouts: third grade Brownies and fourth grade Juniors
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