Give Trash the Boot-Recycle! Grand Prize Winner

Teacher Name: 
Marj Locker
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School District: 
Southwest Livingston Co R-1
Southwest Livingston Co. R-1
Southwest High School
4944 Hwy DD
64656 Ludlow , MO

The theme for the trash can is “Give Trash the Boot- Recycle”. The toe and top of the boot were created out of cardboard and paper mache and then painted. The spur team used cardboard, wire, bolts, foil, a leather belt and macramé rings. Boot décor was made separately and attached. The kids worked very hard and created the entire thing themselves (including the theme and design)! I’m real proud of their accomplishment! The Boot will sit near the cafeteria by the beverage machine and during home basketball games near the doors going into the gym. If you look closely you will see they even added stitching all around. They signed the bottom of the boot like Andy did in Toy Story.

Grade Range: 
7th grade art
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