If you litter you will be bitter!

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Merchant
School District: 
Macks Creek R-V School
Macks Creek Elementary
Macks Creek, MO
245 State Rd N
65786 Macks Creek , MO

The fourth graders brain stormed ideas in small groups. Then they voted as a class on the best idea to create. They made a list of recyclable materials they would use to make each part of the project. The entire trash can is created from recyclable materials. From the cardboard used to make the structure, to the aluminum cans and foil used to create the texture of the lemon, and finally the paper towel rolls to create the look of seeds on the inside. They thought the catch phrase, "If you litter you will be bitter!" would likely stick with someone, especially when they see the over sized lemon trash can displayed outside the school library.

Grade Range: 
4th Grade
Number of Participants: