Leaf Your Trash in the Can!

Teacher Name: 
Carol Kunce
School District: 
Grandview C4
Belvidere Elementary School
Belvidere Elementary School
15010 White Avenue
64030 Grandview , MO

"Leaf Your Trash in the Can" encourages our students and staff to throw trash away in the can and not on the ground. We remind everyone to recycle their paper in our paper bins at school by the use of our slogan; "1, 2, 3 Save a Tree". Our can has been decorated with recyclable materials: leaves cut from magazines, and branches and roots made from paper towel and toilet tissue tubes. The Green Team at Belvidere Elementary School in Grandview, Missouri is an after-school group that meets once a month. Our mission is to promote recycling and Earth-friendly ideas in our school and community. We collect paper bins from all classrooms and place the paper in the paper-recycling dumpster located in our parking lot. We also take care of the butterfly garden in our school's courtyard. In the past we have planned and presented programs on Earth Day.

Grade Range: 
Green Team
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