"Let's Lock Up Litter"

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Constance Wyrick
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School District: 
Miller County R-III School District - Tuscumbia
Tuscumbia Elementary School
Tuscumbia Schools
526 School Road
65082 Tuscumbia , MO

    The students who completed this entry are 3rd and 4th graders in our LEOS gifted program. This past quarter, we had been studying polymers - both natural and man-made. Of course, plastics were studied, including how we recycle plastics using a numbering system. When I suggested to the students that they design a trash can for the NoMOre Trash contest, I also showed them a picture of Peanut. They were quite upset and decided that if the plastic around Peanut had been recycled, it wouldn't have been there to hurt the turtle. They insisted that one "catch-all" container would not be a good idea if we really wanted people to recycle and have no more trash. They had the idea of connecting four cans together to make a large collection trash unit. One can was for glass. One was for plastic. One was for cans. One was for cartons. They surrounded the unit with a "jail" and decided to "lock up litter" once and for all. The unit is kept in the cafeteria where all students in the k-12 school will be able to use it. They worked in pairs to create the cans and the keys to lock up the litter. 

Grade Range: 
3rd and 4th grade students in the LEOS (gifted) program at the elementary school
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