Lion Leaders Against Littering

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Aubrey Bauer & Dawn Coke
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Northwest R-1 School District
Maple Grove Elementary
Maple Grove Elementary School
7887 Dittmer Ridge Road
63023 Dittmer , MO

Leader Lions Against Littering Our recycling club worked very hard to reuse materials to make our lion. They took a trash can that was already in use, an old laundry basket from one of the sponsors, and recycled newspaper to paper mache. As a building Maple Grove Elementary is reducing our carbon footprint. We started doing single stream recycling at the beginning of the school year. These students have lead the charge to reduce the amount of waste we are sending to the landfill each week. They help the students in their grade levels sort out their waste. We used to take five dumpsters a week to the landfill. Now we are only sending 2. These four students worked on their trash can during recess for a month. They made plans and set goals. I am very proud of these four students.

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Recycling Team
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