"Littering Is For the Birds" - featuring our state bird: Eastern Bluebird

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Jean Schaible
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Union R11
Schaible Homeschool
Schaible Homeschool
1018 Pinehurst Ln.
63084 Union , MO

The girls highlighted the natural beauty of Missouri by depicting Eastern Bluebirds sitting in a nest, in a tree, protecting its eggs.  Photos were taken at our public library.   All items used were strictly thought of by the girls - no adult helped. The birds are made of balloons covered in orange and blue duct tape and blue foam craft paper.The eggs are egg cartons cavities matched up and covered with blue duct tape.The nest was created using paper towel tubes, cut-up cardboard and paper grocery bags.Branches were cut out of cardboard with painted foil shaped leaves attached."Littering Is For the Birds" made with yellow duct tape. The girls enjoyed working together and are very happy to be participating in this contest. All work was completed by the girls with the exception of spray-painting the can.

Grade Range: 
Fourth & Fifth Grade
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