Make it a Goal for No More Trash

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Mrs. Marj Locker
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Southwest Livingston Co. R-1
Southwest Livingston County R-1
4944 Hwy DD
64656 Ludlow , MO

The class chose to use a sports theme and came up with "Make It A Goal For No More Trash." The can is decorated with a variety of sports that use targets such as the goal post for football, a soccer net, an archery target, a croquet hoop, a golf hole, a basketball hoop and a baseball/softball glove. Around the top is a track with the "goal" of crossing the finish line. The students constructed the pieces and then put it all together. The soccer and basketball nets were actually woven of yarn! I’m very proud of the fact that they did it all themselves. The plan is to put it in the corner of the gym during ball games-there’s a LOT of trash taken in there! Between games it will be in the hall by the cafeteria. Then back into the art room to be used when the next can is made!
The materials list includes card board, a real basketball net for the top, yarn, acrylic paint, hot glue, material, poster board, marker, a drill gun, wire, and feathers on the bow. We recycled the trash can from our first entry a number of years ago (The Happy Feet Penguin Can).

Grade Range: 
7th grade art class
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