Meet Peanut the Turtle

Peanut's Story

One day back in the late 1980s, a small, young red-eared slider turtle was slowly moving along her way when she got stuck in a plastic ring from a six-pack that someone had thrown on the ground instead of a trashcan. The ring got hung on her shell.

Four or five years passed and the turtle grew but the ring did not. Eventually, her shell grew around the plastic ring but stayed small where the ring was wrapped around her.

In 1993, when she was about 9-years of age, someone found the turtle and took her to the St. Louis Zoo where staff removed the ring. They also discovered that she had some internal damage to her lungs from the constriction of the ring. She was named Peanut because of the shape of her damaged shell. The Zoo then gave her to the Missouri Department of Conservation where she became and remains the mascot for the state’s No MOre Trash! litter prevention and clean-up campaign.

No MOre Trash! is coordinated by the Missouri Departments of Conservation and Transportation.

Peanut is still doing well as she enters his 30s, and continues to grow. Her damaged shell remains as a reminder of the damage that litter can do.

Peanut In the News

See Peanut the Turtle in this KPLR-11 news segment.