NoMO in No Co

Teacher Name: 
Becca Bryan
School District: 
Based in the Hazelwood School District but not affiliated with them
Extra Homeschool Co-op
Chatham Bible Church
839 Lynn Haven Ln.
63042 Hazelwood , MO

Our project was based on symbols of Missouri. Our entire display was made with recycled materials that we saved or found. We made a Dogwood tree (the official tree of MO) from a fallen branch and coffee filters. Our bluebirds (the official bird of MO) were made from used tissue paper and light bulbs, a few cardinals (for obvious reasons) were also made the same way]. The St. Louis skyline, the river, and the Missouri cut out were made from old cardboard boxes. The arch stands over the entire scene made with cardboard and tin foil. The birdhouses are made from milk cartons. The river boat is shoe boxes and old wrapping paper.

Our slogan "No MO in No Co" is based on our location. All of our students and families live in North County and we love our community.

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Extra Homeschool Co-op
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