The Only Litter We Want Are Kittens

Teacher Name: 
Amanda Sullivan
School District: 
Mexico School District 59
Mexico Middle School
Mexico Middle School
1200 W Boulevard
65265 Mexico , MO

    This project is the ending to our Natural Resource Unit where we learn about the importance of conserving and preserving natural resources and about what natural resources are.  The 8th grade class brainstormed and voted on an idea and slogan.  This year they decided to make a cat and create a slogan that said “The Only Litter We Want Are Kittens”.  The trashcan is now on display in the library where all students and faculty can see and use it.  Newspaper that the school gets was used to create a paper-mache for the cats head and tissue paper was used to make the fur.  

Grade Range: 
8th Grade Agriculture Class
Number of Participants: