Open up to the World of Repurposing. . . One man's Trash is another man's Treasure

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Karen Blevins
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School of the Osage
School of the Osage Middle School
middle school
635 HWY 42
65065 Osage Beach , MO

     Our trash can theme focuses on repurposing with the slogan “Open up to the World of Repurposing… One man’s trash is another man’s Treasure.” The top of the trashcan displays a paper mache treasure chest filled with beads and gold NoMore Trash doubloons pillowing down the front. The beads were repurposed from previous Christmas tree decorations.  The golden studs lining the top and front are repurposed wooden carpentry buttons.  The base of the trash can features a world map with continent names created to match our theme.  For example, Africa is Afrecycle, Europe is Eurepurpose, and North America is North NoMotrashica.  The base also includes a magnifying lens highlighting the location of our school.  It features a rustic treasure map as well, where its treasure chest is filled with additional gold coins surrounding one more NoMore Trash logo.  The rope outlining the bottom is repurposed from a past nautical craft project.  This trash can will remain in the gifted classroom to promote and enhance students’ creativity; it will gather items that are not trash worthy but repurpose worthy.   

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8th Grade GATES
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