Power Up Your Clean Up

Teacher Name: 
Amanda Walker
School District: 
Blair Oaks R-2
Blair Oaks Middle School
Blair Oaks Middle School
6124 Falcon Lane
65109 jefferson city , MO

From Blair Oaks Middle School Art club:
I, Mrs. Amanda Walker, sponsor the art club. There were eight club members that worked on this trash can contest. Seven of those members were in 7th grade, and one is in 8th grade.

Our inspiration for our entry is from the ever popular video game of Super Mario. We used paper mache, fabric, and duct tape to create the "Power Up" mushroom from the Mario video games. When Mario jumps on this mushroom, he gains super powers such as an extra life, super speed, or invisibility. The Power Up Mushroom is a fantastic, key character in the video games.

We want people everywhere to increase their powers of cleaning up litter and eliminating trash in communities. We hope that this trash can inspires to "Power Up your Clean Up."

Grade Range: 
Middle School Art Club
Number of Participants: