Recycling Isn't a Game

Teacher Name: 
Miss Kirwan
School District: 
Winfield R-IV School District
Winfield Middle School
Winfield Middle School
207 8th Street
63389 Winfield , MO

The Winfield Middle School L.E.A.P. Gifted Education class designed their No MOre Trash can with the theme "Recycling Isn't a Game". They trasformed a trash can into a recycling bin by turning it into a pipe straight out of Super Mario Brothers game. Our receycling bin is modeled after the pipe that houses the Pirahna plants. Our hero, Mario, is standing next to the bin and telling us, "Recycling Isn't a Game."
The theme works well at Winfield Middle School, because we take recycling seriously. We recycle paper, aluminum, and plastic. We are excited to display our newest recycling bin in the cafeteria for use!

Grade Range: 
Middle School L.E.A.P. Gifted Class
Number of Participants: