The Revolutionary Nonpollutionary Book Collecting Wonder

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Mrs. Karen Blevins
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School District: 
School of the Osage
Osage Middle School
635 Hwy 42
65049 Lake Ozark , MO

The inspiration for this year's trash can theme was the 40th Anniversary of the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There are many elements from the "chocolate room" on the trash can: the chocolate river made with Snickers wrappers, the chocolate tube made with Twizzlers, the colorful candy mushrooms, the candy cane, lifesaver, and gummy bear trees, and the oversized lollipops. Various dancing Oompaloompas are scattered on the can with two holding the No Litter/No More Trash signs. Wonka hats circle the can opening and are decorated with NoMOre Trash signs and student signatures. Willy Wonka is encircled with two signs; one with the name of the can "The Revolutionary Nonpollutionary Book Collecting Wonder" and one with our purpose for the can "Don't Litter your House with Old Books, Recycle Them with Us!" Giving credit to the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that served as the basis for the movie, a wire adorned with children's book titles extending over the opening is representing book donations to come that will fill the book collecting wonder we have created. Students are sponsoring a Book Drive during spring break. They are asking parents to clean out their children's rooms to donate gently used books to our neighboring school, Osage Upper Elementary. The books will be sent home with students in their Buddy Backpacks (backpacks of food items sent home every weekend with students in need).

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8th Grade GATES
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