Robots Don't Litter

Teacher Name: 
Laura Frees
School District: 
Harrisonville/Cass R-IX
Harrisonville Middle School
Harrisonville Middle School
601 S. Highland
64701 Harrisonville , MO

The gifted class of 6th graders created a recycling robot out of recyclable materials. They all brought in items from home that would have ended up in a trash can or as litter: bottles, foil, paper, boxes, pop tabs, etc. Each student contributed to Fran's design and construction. Her belly opens up to reveal space for recyclables. She is on display in the front foyer of our middle school, encouraging everyone to use her for disposal or recycling. "Be more like Fran and put trash in a can!" "Something to consider, robots don't litter." NoMOre Trash!

Grade Range: 
6th grade HATS
Number of Participants: