Shoot for a Cleaner World

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Karen Blevins
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School of the Osage
School of the Osage Middle School
Osage Middle School
635 HWY 42
65065 Osage Beach , MO

The inspiration of the trash can was March Madness. People get excited over a month of college basketball, so we were banking on people getting excited about making the world a cleaner place. We thought turning the trash can into an actual basketball hoop would appeal to the younger generation. Our entry will be placed outside the doors of the large gymnasium in our middle school. We felt this location was appropriate to encourage younger athletes and spectators to dispose of their trash in a fun way. A lot of students like tossing their trash in a can, so we thought we may as well encourage that. The backboard says, “Don’t be shy, let it fly”. We have basketballs under the net with the No More Trash logo; one spot has the earth in place of a basketball. Around the center, there are several well-known college mascots spreading litter free messages. The Syracuse Orange is saying, “Orange you glad you are making a difference.” The fans around the bottom have spirited attire, including a School of the Osage t-shirt and foam fingers. The trash can’s slogan, “Shoot for a Cleaner World”, is displayed around a group shot of the students who created the trash can. Included in the picture is our school mascot, the Indian.

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