Stomp Out Litter Bugs

Teacher Name: 
Lisa Brewer
School District: 
Trenton R-IX School District
S. M. Rissler Elementary
S. M. Rissler Elementary
801 W. 4th Terrace
64683 Trenton , MO

Our 4th grade Student Council students chose to "Stomp Out Litter Bugs" with their trash can this year. We created a ladybug can reusing a can that has been decorated in the past. Our shoe and bug pieces were made from scrap construction paper, left over bulletin board paper, and scraps of felt, foam, and string from a classroom craft bucket. Our can will be sitting in our school lobby as a reminder to everyone that we should all do our part to put trash in its proper place!

Grade Range: 
Fourth Grade Student Council
Number of Participants: