Super Leaders, Save the Day!

Teacher Name: 
Mrs. Hinton
School District: 
Hannibal Public Schools
Eugene Field Elementary
Eugene Field Elementary
1405 Pearl St.
63401 Hannibal , MO

Have no fear, the Green & Clean Team is here!
We are ALL leaders in our school! In our school, we have leadership jobs. I, Mrs. Hinton, sponsor a fabulous group of students who are committed to keeping our school, and the school grounds super clean! We meet on Monday mornings before school to pick up trash around our schoolyard and playground. We also help water plants out front in warm weather and are looking forward to our new school garden this spring!
This trashcan project was right up our alley! Our group decided to do a super hero theme for our project. We actually had the whole school vote between a couple of themes and this was the winner! We decided that we not only want kids to remember NoMO Trash, but to also reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Our "super hero" trashcan can be seen in our gym hallway...a place everyone passes everyday. He is a spectacular addition to our school, encouraging students to "Save the Day, Put Trash Away!" Also, No super hero would be complete without their city skyline. We chose to include recycling bins to encourage students to bring their paper, plastic, and aluminum cans for recycling.

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Green & Clean Team
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