Take a Bite out of Litter

Teacher Name: 
Annie Schmerber
School District: 
Fairfax R-3
500 East Main
64446 Fairfax , MO

The theme is a shark taking a bite out of litter. To make the shark I started with the trash can and shaped a shark head using chicken wire. I covered the chicken wire with paper Mache. I made the fins and tail also using chicken wire and paper Mache. Then to finish the head I put in white Styrofoam teeth and black Easter egg shells for the eyes. We will display the can in the library where kindergarten through high school students can see the message of preventing litter. People will be using it to throw paper away from the keyboarding room and worksheets from the library. Join the fight to take a bite out of trash!

Grade Range: 
Jr. High Art (7th and 8th)
Number of Participants: