Toucan Says "You Can Make A Difference"

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Erin Brister
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Cowgill R-VI Elementary
Cowgill Elementary
Cowgill Elementary
341 E. 6th St
64637 Cowgill , MO

This year, when I received the information about the No More Trash Trash Can Contest, we were talking about different habitats, including the rainforest. We learned about the different animals that live in a rainforest and that is when our idea formed. We quickly gathered recycled materials to make our trashcan. We used old catalogs to use as the Paper Mache to make our toucan. The students had a lot of fun doing that because it was very messy! We talked about different plants that live in a rainforest also. That is why on our trashcan we have trees, vines, grasses, and other types of plants.
We learned about how to keep the rainforest safe and have a safe place for all of the animals to live, including Mr. Toucan. We have placed our trash can in our cafeteria for everyone to see. We are also going to tell all of the students in our school about keeping the Earth clean and making habitats safe for the animals.

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Mrs. Brister's Kindergarten and 1st Grade
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